While smoking seems to be a way to relax for some, it’s not for everybody. As it was never proven to be altering mental health, production, consumption, and distribution of tobacco leave this way remains legal. To both smokers and non-smokers alike, a venue with a smoking area is favourable. To those in Melbourne who may be looking for bars where you may want to sit back and relax while finishing a stick, here are some outdoor spots around the city where you can smoke.

Slate Bar and Restaurant

Located in Melbourne’s CBD, this restaurant is ready to cater to every customer’s preference for the outdoors, with terrace and rooftop. Or indoors for those who prefer a more personal and intimate occasion. Whether it’s a casual weekend puffing on Cuban cigars with classy mates, or smoking cigarettes while dancing with friends or just needing some alone time – this smoking area waits you.

Bang Bang After Work Bars

9 km southeast of Melbourne’s central district is Elsternwick, one of Melbourne’s inner suburbs, is where this hidden oasis stands. Consider it a perfect watering hole for your evening with a $5-happy-hour-offerings every day, it serves as the getaway zone for those who just wanted to kick back and relax. Indulge in your cigarette break without the guilt of polluting as the greenery of this place balances taking in as much carbon dioxide as they can.

While it is situated adjacent to Elsternwick Station Reserve, it is also just metres away from Elsternwick Train Station. Also, Classic Cinema is just nearby, which could be another option for you after a round of cocktails. They have $15 Bangin’ Curry Tuesdays beginning as early as 5 pm to 10 pm. Bang Bang is a place for however happy hours should serve you.

Pilgrim Bar Hidden Waterside Bars

Outdoors is just the best place to smoke. It doesn’t bother anybody, and the smell of it wouldn’t stick on anybody’s clothes or hair because it just blends through the open area. Also, what could be better than an affordable place for happy hour, an unpretentious ambience where you may just come in your flip flops and where quality food gets served using local produce. So, while you have your great time seated in front of the Yarra Riverbanks, ponder on other ways on how to experience the place. There’s a $35 ticket that could walk you down a Talk and Taste sessions, giving you an up-close feel of Pilgrim chefs’ works. They also serve beer and bubbles on top of their best wines.

Chuckle Park Bar

If you find plants, flowers, and lanterns relaxing, this caravan bar should be highlighted on your list of bars to visit. Situated at 322 Little Collins St., this charming bar serves, ciders and beers, crafted to perfection, delectable wines, and fun cocktails. It is the perfect spot to open your cigar box and smoke your Cuban cigars.  

 As it complies to the government rules intending to keep their customers safe while having a great time, booking visits are highly encouraged. They give customers a decent time of an hour and a half to stay. Should it be more than that, the customer should let one of the personnel say so.

According to experts, inhaling secondhand smoke non-stop is degenerative of one’s health. Smoke responsibly. Also, be reminded that the lungs are the main organs this pandemic, COVID-19, had been attacking. It is best to smoke at your leisure. But be guilt-free by observing social distancing whether the whole world is experiencing a pandemic or not. Right now, Melbourne had been given leeway in terms of going out and about. So, keep it that way. Choose the outdoors to smoke and, to at least wash your hands right after.