Are you like the rest of us already thinking about what swimsuit you are going to get for summer? Are you already planning the summer events that involve friends and a beach far away? Well naturally your swimsuit is the first thing that you are going to pack, but if you’re feeling that yours is a little outdated then check out the swimsuit trends for this year. There are so many new colours, print designs, and new silhouettes that have emerged for the coming season, you’ll have a lot to choose from.

Here are a few of the popular trends that we see emerging this year

  • We have been seeing the wrap-around style tops increasing in popularity and appearing in the coolest collections around town. This continues and works really well for those with breast implants or naturally larger breasts. Long straps on the bikini top that are designed to wrap down around the torso bring a new fresh new design approach for the bikini. A popular element of this trend is the flexibility you can have with the ways you can wear it. They are great for the beach, but they can also be paired with some pants or a sarong for an easy transition to a lounge look.
  • A newer trend are the swimsuits with ornate embellishments, luxe waist-defining belts, velvet finishes, these are all the new fashion swimsuits that can even be worn as all-day wear. If you want to know how to style this beach attire, then you need to learn about more maximalist style. Characterised by adding some large sunglasses and fashionable layered jewellery.
  • We see swimsuits getting cut higher with the influence of 80s silhouettes. For this year the one-pieces are cut so dramatically that they are up past the navel giving the legs an extreme lengthening effect. These swim styles are very skimpy with necklines plunging as well as high cuts on the bottom. We recommend this style if you have natural looking breast enlargement and you are confident about your booty and want to highlight all your curves. 
  • One popular trend this year is the covered-up pieces. Swimsuits are taking on some different shapes with short sleeve one-pieces, long sleeve tops, booty shorts and of course high rise style bottoms. We are still going to be seeing the modest silhouettes that are baring some skin whether it be a plunging neckline or waist on show from a crop top cut.
  • Another trend that we are seeing is the tropical prints taken directly from the runways. Designers such as Marni, Peter Pilotto and Fendi have all ushered in jungle prints with bright colours and patterned blooms. These are proving quite suitable and popular in swimwear.
  • This year we also see pretty swimwear that has a romantic vibe to it. Satin-like finishes, ruffles, gathered areas of the bikini, frills in pastel and candy like colours, these are the beautiful collections to keep an eye out for.

Are there any rules to getting the correct fit?

Some people don’t believe that it is all about the fit, for some it is all about how comfortable you are in your body. The key to this belief is all about body confidence. In Brazil the women prefer to have smaller swimsuits regardless of their shape and size. Americans mostly like to be more covered up; then you have the Europeans who don’t mind being topless. It really should just come down to what you are comfortable wearing. Really think about if you want something that can sculpt and mould your body and what’s most important to you in a swimsuit. Are you after something that focuses on being flattering? You don’t always need to go with what everyone says you should. Wear what you want to wear and what is comfortable for you. You can do all that and also wear the latest trends that fit in with your style.