The Mornington Peninsula is one best locations for kids. It is located an hour southeast of Melbourne in Australia. It has different activities to keep the kids entertained. Locations such as the lush greenery, calm beaches, eateries, and sightseeing will make the place a memorable one for your kids and make them a naturebaby. The stunning look of the coastline and seashore will make your adventure more interesting.

You don’t need to stay only at the beach throughout your stay, you should explore the major sites, if possible, all of them because that’s where the fun it otherwise, you will be missing a lot.

Many other places will make your stay longer.

Some of the engaging activities for the kid(s) are listed below.


The shoreline located near Sonareto has a quiet wave ideal for surfing with your kid. Remember to bring your surfing board to experience this activity.


The calm waters of Port Phillip Harbor are ideal for boating. Rye and rosebud foreshores are the best swimming spot for children to glide in shallow waters, your kids might get addicted to this activity.

For padding, you can hire a boat from Mornington Boat Hire which is operated by Mornington Harbor.


One of the best activities in the peninsula is riding the horse through the beautiful beaches. Gunnamatta Trail Rides offers the best horse-riding experience and is by far the best option. They offer activities such as early bird, St. Andrews, and sunset on the beach, but the kids must be at least ten years old. If you have children of over six years old, they can enjoy riding the Truemans Bush Ride for 50 minutes and it is suitable for beginners.


One of the easiest ways to explore the Mornington Peninsula is by riding a bicycle. However, you must be careful while riding with your kid and you should be wary of the cars and pedestrians that are most likely moving along public roads.

Sticking to the side of the road will be very helpful for your safety. You can also hang a bell on your bicycle or anything that can alert people when you are passing. The roads may be tricky with different curves or turns. You may opt for the bike trails if you are not a confident cyclist.

There are various bike trails in the peninsula, any of which may interest you. They include Morningstar Rail Trail, Rosebud Rail Trail, Frankston Foreshore, Portsea to Sorento Trail, and Peninsula Link Trail.


Hiking is a common activity in the Mornington Peninsula. You can explore the beautiful side of the coastline and even the inner hinterlands.

You can explore these scenes together with your kids, but you shouldn’t overstretch their legs. There are various places for hiking activities in the peninsula they include: Point Nepean Walk, The Bay Trail, and The Coastal Walk.


A fun activity in the peninsula! This activity is very suitable when you are on the peninsula between November and April because it is the season of strawberries. Take your time to carry your kids and your extended family to the sunny ridge strawberry farm.

It is a self-picking activity which makes it fun because you can eat as you pick. You are entitled to take one punnet home but if it is overfilled, it will attract extra costs.

The strawberries are very sweet and red. There are beautiful shops in Sunny Ridge where you can buy jam, syrup, raspberries, and lyophilised strawberries, chocolate, and great gifts.